This auto body place is reliable and honest! – Jackie O (5 star review found on Yelp)

Oliver Automotive has been our auto repair shop for over 5 years now. We have older vehicles, and he keeps them in top shape and is always fair on charging for parts and service. Mike Oliver the owner and his employee Mike treat us like family. Thanks Mike and we hope we don't see you soon! – Anonymous (5 star review found on Yelp)

Took my car to Oliver's after I was having some trouble with it. They were very nice and diagnosed my car free of charge, it turned out I needed to replace my whole transmission. They worked very hard to get my quotes and find a used transmission that would be affordable. I ended up not doing any work on the car and was not charged any money. They provide good service and are very honest with their work. This is the only place I take my car when I have a problem, it is hard to find mechanics that you trust and are accommodating, but I have so I am staying with it. I definitely recommend if you need a mechanic you give them a try. – Jordan A (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mike's been my family's mechanic for years. He rules. He knows his stuff and hooks it up. Gives great deals, doesn't rip you off with unreal parts and labor prices. He's just the man. Just do yourself a favor, go to Oliver Automotive or go home. – Saralina B (5 star review found on Yelp)

Oliver Automotive is the best!! We've been going to Mike Oliver's shop for years and each time he is thorough in explaining the problem and equally as thorough in doing the repair work.  Not only does he and his mechanics provide excellent service, but he also is reasonably priced.  My husband and I highly recommend Oliver Automotive and the owner, Mike, is AWESOME!!   Your car is in excellent hands at Oliver Automotive. – Diane R (5 star review found on Yelp)

This place is great.  The guys didn't try and sell me unnecessary services.  They diagnose and fix what is needed.  What else could you ask for?  It is nice to support local business and not a chain.  I know my car is in good hands here. – Kevin M (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mike was amazing in his work on my boyfriend's car.  I was so worried when the problem persisted after his original diagnosis (it was actually something else that was causing the system to short) but after spending an extra two days on the car, he only charged an additional $50 dollars for the new part.  He was honest, quick, polite and easy to work with.  It is so nice to have an honest mechanic in town! – Jessica W (5 star review found on Yelp)

After 15 years of living in California, I've FINALLY found "My Mechanic".  Hands down, the best service I've ever had.  That's coming from someone that has family members and friends that are mechanics.  I have 4 cars and I've had them all at Oliver's over the last 4 months for various reasons and they have been flawless each and every time.  It's nice when you can get the right diagnosis of a problem after less than a minute of talking to your mechanic.  The best thing about this place is that they are just trying to fix your car.  They are not trying to gouge you like the dealerships.  They do everything needed to get your car going and don't try to hunt for things to fix.  And if something is not right, Mike is ON it immediately.  Very easy to talk to, flexible, affordable, accountable, and organized.  Most importantly, fair and honest.  I would (and have) recommend these guys to EVERYONE. – Shawn L (5 star review found on Yelp)

I've owned seven cars and blown through several mechanics over the years but Mike and his team are the only guys that I trust my business with now.  In the last six months, we've taken three cars to him and he has provided exceptional service and terrific value.  Even when I was out of town and my wife had a concern, he serviced the vehicle on the spot.  The best! – Robb D (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mike was SO nice and very professional. He was honest and helped me right away. I would recommend this automotive shop to all of my friends and family. – Michelle D (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mike is the best Novato has to offer for automotive repair, my catalytic converter went out on my 2005 Mustang, he had it fixed in a day at way less the dealership wanted. He's just the man. Do yourself a favor, go Oliver Automotive for all your Automotive Repairs. – Judy G (5 star review found on Yelp)

Personable service, quick turnaround, fair rates.  I'm very happy with the repairs to my van from past visits.  Today they fixed a different repair issue for me, which I needed to have my van towed to their shop for.  It turned out to be something minor that caused a major problem of me not driving (power steering went out).  They fixed the problem in about a minute and checked a couple of other things for me too.  And didn't charge me anything!  My van arrived on a tow truck, and I drove it home within minutes, and wasn't charged anything.  Oliver's is totally trustworthy and honest.  At another shop, my situation today could have been easily exploited and I could easily have been taken advantage of.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Oliver's! – Jan S (5 star review found on Yelp)

Oliver Automotive is the ONLY place I take my car(s).  He is the most honest and trustworthy mechanic anywhere. His prices are very reasonable and is very professional.  My entire family goes to Oliver Automotive.  My friends go to Oliver Automotive and they don't even live in Novato (neither does half of my family!)  He's worth the trip to Novato to be sure you are getting the BEST! If something doesn't need to be done right away, he'll let you know, but will advise you that in the near future whatever it is needs to be replaced.  I stopped by on my way out of town with a trailer hooked up to my truck.  I wanted to be sure all was hooked up right (I'm a single woman who doesn't know much about cars), Mike saw a nut missing on my sway bar, ran down to a shop that would have the size nut that was needed for a trailer and came back and put it on the trailer.  Who else does that?!  I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!! – SB (5 star review found on Yelp)

Got me in right away...diagnosed the problem got it fixed & bam!! On my way home....Thank you!!! – Jennifer C (5 star review found on Yelp)

I was in a bind this morning at 7:30 a.m. as my daughter had her driver’s license test scheduled for 9 a.m. (an appointment it took a month to get!) and her turn signal bulb burned out! All lights MUST be in working order to take the test!! I headed to O'Reilly's who offered great service and recommendations but couldn't do the bulb replacement for me. They referred me to two local mechanics, one which wasn't open yet and Oliver Automotive. I called Oliver's and spoke to Rhea, who immediately put my mind at ease and told me to come on over. When I arrived the technician did a thorough test of all the lights on the car, replaced the bulb and refused to accept any payment. He could have charged just about any amount & I would have paid it at that moment! I grabbed a card on my way out so that I could get his name and call back after my emotions subsided (I was moved to tears). Rhea informed me it was Mike the owner who had performed the repair. Mike was courteous, thorough and sweet and so was his staff. Service is rare these days, I will be sure to return and support this business! – Leigh B (5 star review found on Yelp)

This is the mechanic you have always wanted to find. Honest, pleasant, good work. Mike Oliver, is a nice guy, down to earth and yes, a really honest mechanic.  Great customer service. Highly recommend. – Angela A (5 star review found on Yelp)

Today the "check engine" light came on and I made a phone call to get it checked.  He told me to come by at lunchtime and he would take a look.  He hooked it up to the computer and found that I had no oil, despite the fact that I had stupidly taken my car in for an oil change at Oil Changers in Novato where clearly no oil was changed! Mike filled it up with a quart and I made an appointment for next week for a checkup.  Again when I tried to pay him, he would not let me give him a cent - "my money is no good there!" Mike Oliver has true integrity and knows how to look after his customers - great guy! – Margz D (5 star review found on Yelp)

Huge shout out to Mike Oliver! Our car did not sound the best and I made an appointment and dropped it off.  When I picked it up, he charged me = $0, because there was nothing wrong with my car. - Anonymous (5 star review found on Yelp)

I went to his new location and its way bigger and better - really happy for them! – Nina M (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mike is absolutely awesome - yesterday I broke down a short distance from his shop and ran into him at the gas station.  He helped push my car out of the way and took my key telling me he would take care of everything as soon as he had opened up!  Indeed he did this, putting my car ahead of other peoples and had my car ready for me by 9:45am so I could still head to work.  I love this guy! - Anonymous (5 star review found on Yelp)

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